Employee Profile: Gaby Schirripa

Name: Gaby Schirripa


Hometown: Ewdardsburg, MI


Position at the Spirit Shoppe: Sales Associate


How long have you worked at the Spirit Shoppe? 1 Week


Are you a WMU student/graduate?  Senior at WMU


What is your major?  Fashion Merchandising, Minor in Marketing


What is your favorite item here at the Spirit Shoppe?  The Glitter WMU Hoodie/Crewneck


What do you like to do with your leisure time?  Watch make-up reviews and play with my puppy, kitty, and bunny.


What is your favorite place in town to eat?  Niskers Bar & Grill


What is your most fond memory from your time at WMU?  Designing in MODA’s fashion show and walking the runway with my gowns that I designed.

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