Employee Profile: Ashley Godawski

Name: Ashley Godawski


Hometown: Orlando Park, IL


Position at the Spirit Shoppe: Sales Associate


How long have you worked at the Spirit Shoppe? I have worked here for a little over a month now!


Are you a WMU student/graduate?  I am actually dual-enrolled as a graduate and undergraduate student at WMU!


What is your major? My Major is Occupational Therapy.


What is your favorite item here at the Spirit Shoppe?  My favorite Item here at the Spirit Shoppe is the blue Comfort Color long-sleeve!


What do you like to do with your leisure time?  I love to go boating, fishing, and running in m free time! I also fly planes in my free time too!


What is your favorite place in town to eat?  My favorite place in town to eat would be Latitude 42.


What is your most fond memory from your time at WMU?  My most fond memories from my time at WMU would be meeting some of my best friends and exploring all the opportunities given to me from WMU!

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